Summer Orientation 2014

To those who received our flyers during the summer freshman orientation, welcome incoming Class of 2018. However, if you’re not a freshman, but you happen to be a current UCLA student, welcome anyways. I hope you enjoy what you see on this website and this convinces you to join our organization for the upcoming school year. If you happen to lose that flyer we handed out, below is the link.

Fall Flyer 2014

Week 8: A Story to Tell


Welcome to Week 8! Prepare to say goodbye to our general meetings, especially our graduating members, as this Monday is our LAST session this quarter (free food will be provided)! Be sure to come and finish off the year with a fun, exciting workshop: how to become a better storyteller!

Storytelling is a key but oft-forgotten component in speeches, interviews, class discussions, or even personal conversations. Strong points and presentation won’t hold your audience’s attention forever unless they have a good story to follow too. Join us at tomorrow’s meeting to challenge your creative thinking while applying all the skills that you have gained this year!

General Meeting
Topic: A Story to Tell
Location: Ackerman Viewpoint Conference Room
Date: Monday, May 19th, 2014
Time: 5:00 – 6:00 pm

We hope to see you there.

Week 5: Presentation Paraphernalia


Welcome to Week 5 of Spring Quarter! In this week’s workshop, we will introduce several tools and resources that can help improve your presentations. As great as your public speaking skills may be, something lively and colorful to complement your presentation never hurts. Pictures are worth a thousand words and a single image can sometimes even convey ideas more effectively than words. Anything that can give your audience a clearer understanding of your speech, even if just bullets in a PowerPoint slide, can be invaluable if used appropriately. Join us at our coming meeting to learn more about the tools beyond public speaking that we at the IDEAL Leaders Association recommend!

For more information on our meeting, here’s the following:

General Meeting
Topic: Presentation Paraphernalia
Location: Ackerman Viewpoint Conference Room
Date: Monday, April 28th, 2014
Time: 5:00 – 6:00 pm

We hope to see you there.

Week 4: Impressive Introduction


Welcome to Week 4 of Spring Quarter! Monday’s workshop will be about attracting your audience with memorable, attention-grabbing introductions. We often take for granted that introductions not only convey an idea, they also give the audience an impression of who you are as a speaker. So if you are interested in familiarizing yourself with the tricks, skills, and thought processes in making an impressive introduction for your speeches, you won’t want to miss this week’s meeting!

For more information on our meeting, here’s the following:
General Meeting
Topic: Impressive Introduction
Location: Ackerman Viewpoint Conference Room
Date: Monday, April 21st, 2014
Time: 5:00 – 6:00 pm
We hope to see you there.

Week 3: Tackling Difficulties


Welcome to Week 3 of Spring Quarter! For Monday’s workshop, we will be focusing on improving your personal weaknesses in public speaking. Perhaps you can think up a great speech, but unfortunately, its potentially wonderful presentation may have been hampered by your personal weaknesses. These personal weaknesses may be your awkward pacing, abnormal hand gestures, quiet voice, or unnecessary repetition. To overcome them would improve your public speaking exponentially and you will soon become the eminent speaker you deserve to be. So, come to Monday’s workshop to eliminate the weaknesses that have been hindering your potential.

For more information on our meeting, here’s the following:

General Meeting
Topic: Tackling Difficulties
Location: Ackerman Viewpoint Conference Room
Date: Monday, April 14th, 2014
Time: 5:00 – 6:00 pm

We hope to see you there.

Week 2: What’s Happening?!


Greetings, IDEAL’ers! For Week 2’s workshop, we will be enhancing your improvisational skill. Have you ever lost your train of thought at a crucial moment, such as the middle of a presentation or interview? Encountered an unexpected question or happenstance? Learn to respond quickly and effectively to such situations in very little time by improving your thought processes and reaction times. Come to our workshop to excel and impromptu speaking!

Topic: What’s Happening?!
Location: Ackerman Viewpoint Conference Room (Same Floor as Ackerman Textbook Store)
Date: Monday, April 7, 2014
Time: 5:00 – 6:00 PM

We hope to see you there!

Week 8: Make Your Shortcomings Shine


Happy 8th week, everyone! Tomorrow’s general meeting will be the last of this quarter, so what better topic to conclude with than learning to turn our weaknesses into strengths?

During interviews, candidates will oftentime be asked about their weaknesses. Many will answer with “none” in fear of appearing inferior. In actuality, an honest and clever response is far more memorable than a macho facade. It is important to know how and why weaknesses can lead to self-improvement, thus becoming their own advantages. On top of that, interviewers might even be swayed by your analytical and optimistic personality.

In full-circle fashion, our final workshop will once again focus on interviews, but in a way we have never done before. Come to our last meeting and learn to transform your insecurities into excellence. Information for our meeting is as follows:

Topic: Make Your Shortcomings Shine
Date: February 24, 2014
Time: 7:00-8:00 pm
Location: MS 3915H

We hope to see you there!

2014 Spring Retreat


Hello IDEAL’ers. Are you tired of buildings and buildings everywhere? Sick of breathing in the toxic city air? In other words, do you want to see more trees, waters, birds, anything that is nature? Well, you’re in luck. The IDEAL Leaders Association is planning an awesome 3-day beach retreat party this year.

The retreat will be at Refugio State Beach. You will get to see the tall palm trees, the azure sky, the beautiful orange sunset, the cute seagulls, and the blue ocean. Pretty much everything around you will be nature. This is pretty much an ideal location to relax and unwind yourself from the stresses and problems going on in your life. Also, you will be hanging out with your fellow friends from IDEAL. That means sand fight, barbequing, and scary campfire stories while roasting marshmallows. All of this will only cost $15 since we will be providing you food and rides. So, please come and join us in this wonderful camping experience.

If you are interested in attending, please print out this waiver and return this to us as soon as possible.
Waiver Form

Also, here are important supplies to bring to the trip:
Supply List

General Information:
Location: Refugio State Beach
Date: April 4, 2014-April 6, 2014 (first weekend of Spring Quarter)
Time of Pickup: TBA
Cost: $15

Facebook Event Page