Welcome to IDEAL!

The IDEAL Leaders Association is an organization where people from all backgrounds and all fields come share and gain leadership knowledge and experience. Our mission is to develop ethical and constructive leaders for the future.

IDEAL is an acronym that represents “inspire to think, dedicate to self-improvement, embrace experiences, accept others, and lead together”. We dedicate ourselves to inspiring, developing, and applying leadership and service, specifically through the strengthening of public speaking, critical thinking, and group collaborative skills. These three skills are essential not only in any field of education, but also in everyday life. To accomplish this end, we host weekly general meetings in which students have the opportunity to practice their public speaking abilities with formal and informal speeches in front of an audience, engage in critical thinking with our inter-member debate and discussion programs: the Socratic Program and The Forum, and lead together with their peers in organizing events and projects.

Our events and projects include the annual campus-wide Bruin Speech Contest, fundraisers, guest speaker workshops, leadership retreats and socials. The IDEAL Leaders Association also offers members the opportunity to join a separate program called IFam, or the IDEAL Family Program. Through this program, members are placed in smaller, interactives group that are specifically tailored to improve their public speaking, critical thinking, and group collaborative skills on a more personal level. Not only does this program allow members extra time for them to enhance their abilities, but also creates an environment that fosters deeper conections between group members and strong friendships that last a lifetime.