Week 2: Presentation of Speech

Have you ever felt frustrated by delivering a speech poorly when you know you could have done it better? Are you unsure about or unaware of your hand gestures and posture while speaking? Come to our meeting to learn how to use your voice and body language effectively for a more dynamic speech! In our … [Read more…]

Week 1: Introductions

The IDEAL Leaders Association would like to welcome you, both prospective and returning members, to the new academic year. To start the year, we will be having an orientation meeting introducing what our organization is all about: building leadership through public speaking, teamwork, and critical thinking. We will also discuss the exciting social events we … [Read more…]

IDEAL Brochure 2014-2015

To all the newcomers, the IDEAL Leaders Association presents this lovely brochure to present what our organization is all about. IDEAL Brochure 2014-2015  

Summer Orientation 2014

To those who received our flyers during the summer freshman orientation, welcome incoming Class of 2018. However, if you’re not a freshman, but you happen to be a current UCLA student, welcome anyways. I hope you enjoy what you see on this website and this convinces you to join our organization for the upcoming school … [Read more…]

Week 8: A Story to Tell

Welcome to Week 8! Prepare to say goodbye to our general meetings, especially our graduating members, as this Monday is our LAST session this quarter (free food will be provided)! Be sure to come and finish off the year with a fun, exciting workshop: how to become a better storyteller! Storytelling is a key but … [Read more…]

Week 5: Presentation Paraphernalia

Welcome to Week 5 of Spring Quarter! In this week’s workshop, we will introduce several tools and resources that can help improve your presentations. As great as your public speaking skills may be, something lively and colorful to complement your presentation never hurts. Pictures are worth a thousand words and a single image can sometimes … [Read more…]

Week 4: Impressive Introduction

Welcome to Week 4 of Spring Quarter! Monday’s workshop will be about attracting your audience with memorable, attention-grabbing introductions. We often take for granted that introductions not only convey an idea, they also give the audience an impression of who you are as a speaker. So if you are interested in familiarizing yourself with the … [Read more…]

Week 3: Tackling Difficulties

Welcome to Week 3 of Spring Quarter! For Monday’s workshop, we will be focusing on improving your personal weaknesses in public speaking. Perhaps you can think up a great speech, but unfortunately, its potentially wonderful presentation may have been hampered by your personal weaknesses. These personal weaknesses may be your awkward pacing, abnormal hand gestures, … [Read more…]

Week 2: What’s Happening?!

Greetings, IDEAL’ers! For Week 2’s workshop, we will be enhancing your improvisational skill. Have you ever lost your train of thought at a crucial moment, such as the middle of a presentation or interview? Encountered an unexpected question or happenstance? Learn to respond quickly and effectively to such situations in very little time by improving … [Read more…]