Week 8: Make Your Shortcomings Shine


Happy 8th week, everyone! Tomorrow’s general meeting will be the last of this quarter, so what better topic to conclude with than learning to turn our weaknesses into strengths?

During interviews, candidates will oftentime be asked about their weaknesses. Many will answer with “none” in fear of appearing inferior. In actuality, an honest and clever response is far more memorable than a macho facade. It is important to know how and why weaknesses can lead to self-improvement, thus becoming their own advantages. On top of that, interviewers might even be swayed by your analytical and optimistic personality.

In full-circle fashion, our final workshop will once again focus on interviews, but in a way we have never done before. Come to our last meeting and learn to transform your insecurities into excellence. Information for our meeting is as follows:

Topic: Make Your Shortcomings Shine
Date: February 24, 2014
Time: 7:00-8:00 pm
Location: MS 3915H

We hope to see you there!