Week 1: Improvisation and Brainstorming


Welcome back for Winter 2014! We are starting this quarter off running! Our first general meeting will be on Monday, January 6th. We are excited to share our new plans for the future of IDEAL, including our new weekly themes and upcoming social events. After the dose of information, we will jump right in to a workshop!

This week’s topic – brainstorming and improvisation – will help ease you back into the public speaking mindset. They are skills important to have, whether you are giving speeches or being interviewed. Learning to brainstorm efficiently (and practicing it) will help you “come up with” content that appeals to your audience in a relatively short timespan. But what happens when mere preparation just isn’t enough? When you run out of things to say but still need to continue? This is where the tools of improvisation come in. Attend this week’s meeting to sharpen these talents like never before!

Our weekly meetings will be held at the following time and location:

General Meeting
Topic: Improvisation and Brainstorming
Location: MS 3915H
Date: January 6th, 2013, Monday
Time: 7:00 – 8:00 pm

We hope to see you there.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please come early because the Math Sciences building is notorious for getting people lost. We recommend entering the MS through the entrance by the vending machines, going straight ahead to take the stairs (NOT the elevators) on your left and then following the signs to the 3rd floor.