IDEAL Week 1 General Meeting: why do we have fear of public speaking?

Welcome to week one of IDEAL intensity and adventure. We have a great line up for you guys that will tingle your senses and open your mind to the very tangible possibility of conquering the notorious fear of public speaking.

This is a very special week, because we are starring the great Steve Yu. Mr. Yu is currently the controller of the School of Law at UCLA, and he is the former president of Bruin Toastmasters, with numerous speech contest awards under his belt. And this great man will give a speech concerning the infamous question: Why Do We Have a Fear of Public Speaking?

Overcoming the fear of public speaking is very important in many aspects of daily life. In order to succeed in interviews, communication in the work place, and, in general, express your opinions, you must make sure that your basic communication skill set is in shape. After all, the No.1 fear in America is public speaking (Death is the No.2). Hard to believe right?

Afterward, we will go over in more detail about the iFam program, and polish our own public speaking skills with a strong bout of Table Topics.

Hope to see you on Thursday! Live long and prosper 🙂