Week 2 General Meeting 01/12/10

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Time: 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Where: Math Science 6229

We have hit the ground running, and preparations for The First Annual Speech Contest are underway. Tomorrow’s meeting will have the intimidating Theme of “1000 people and 50 organizations.”

The MC will be Donald Ung, who is essentially like an Asian version of the lead singer of Weezer. You should look it up if you have time. They have really similar looking glasses. I think I’ll post the video for their new single that is stuck in my head.

Alex Wong will possibly be performing his White Elephant guitar song.

I will be discussing our IDEAL Big Bear Retreat! We can figure out when everyone is available so we can set a date.

Seriously homies, we need YOUR help to make this event a successful reality. Please come to the meeting so we can delegate tasks for the evening of the Speech Contest. We need people to welcome at the door, others to help set up and prepare, to help with the raffle. To make dreams come true and all the children happy in this world.

And we will probably play a game afterwards. Parus’ surprise.

So everyone, we need to mobilize the best resources of IDEAL: the people who make it up. YOU! America, and IDEAL, need you. Let’s make this event happen. It will make us all billionaires. It is infinitely important to the future of this university, and all of humankind.