Week 8 General Meeting 11/18/09

Date: Wednesday, 11/18/09
Time: 7-8:15PM
Where: Boelter 6229

Hey everyone, it’s been too long! Welcome to Week 8, the breath before the storm. A chill time before Thanksgiving week!

This week at IDEAL our theme is reflective of the picture: Teamwork! I love teamwork. I used to hate group projects, but now that we are all at UCLA surrounded by people all as intelligent as us learning to work together is one of the most valuable skills you can have. UCLA has lots of great resources- wonderful libraries, great professors, helpful T.A.’s, study lounges, Bruin Cafe, whatever you can think of… but one resource we often over look is our peers, our fellow Bruins. Learn about team work at this week’s meeting with the help of some IDEAL Superstars…

PARUS SURAPRASERT: Thai entrepeneur, short term stock trader and millionaire playboy by day, costumed superhero by night, and also the President of IDEAL, will be your MC.

Cecilia Xie, biotechnician and andriod manufacturer, a woman with brains who has secretly invented the next more powerful bomb than the hydrogen bomb (shh, don’t tell anyone… this is strictly classified… only because you are a part of this facebook group do you get this classified information…) and Director of Finance of IDEAL will be presenting the LEADER OF THE WEEK!

Jessica Chen, ninja geisha assassin, seducer, and owner of the largest stable in Southern California, the Director of Public Relations, along with Junda “Jay” Yoon, a world renowned International Desert Chef and best selling cook book author, are doing this week’s Power Workshop.

So don’t miss out on learning about Team Work and having fun at this week’s IDEAL meeting! We are trying very hard to make the weather better so the walk is more bearable. Go with a friend; while you talk, you won’t notice the cold. Sweatshirts also help.

Peace and good luck,

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=192671370072