No Week 7 General Meeting & IDEAL Game Night 11/14/09

Yo, it is long past due for a new Social, I apologize for that, but let’s get together and celebrate the end of midterm season and relax and have a fun evening of various fun group games.

Some that we will play for sure may include the infamous:
1. Mafia
2. Vampires
3. Liars
4. Pictionary?
5. Apples to Apples?

BYOG- Bring any games you have please, that can accomodate multiple players. Right now we are in the process of acquiring games to play so maybe I will update this event. But we will get together Saturday night either in the Rieber Hall Recreation room, or get a study lounge in Rieber Hall, Terrace, or Vista. Those are all big rooms that can accomodate us all. So I will message everyone closer to the date of the final location or that night you can call or text me to find out. You can totally invite anyone you like and bring friends as long as they are not extraterrestrial or cyborg. But if they are friendly aliens or cyborgs, that’s alright with me.

Mike (562) 685-4602

But for sure, I totally hope to see as many of you as possible- let’s have some fun, unwind and kick it together.


Note: There is no meeting this week, because of VETERAN’S DAY. So come to this instead. 😉