Week 5 General Meeting 10/28/09

Date: Wednesday, 10/28/09
Time: 7-8:15PM
Where: Boelter 6229

Ever been on the phone and had trouble with coming up with something to say? Ever tried to prolong a conversation but fail? Accidently speak in the wrong language?

This week’s meeting features the theme of “Communication.” So don’t be like Led Zeppelin and have a “Communication Breakdown” and come to IDEAL to experience…

JESSICA CHEN as our MC! Jessica is our very own Director of Public Relations and is the daugther of Lucy Liu.

Our Leader of the Week Presentation will be done by James Mabbut, one of our active new members. He is one inch taller than Shaquille O’Neil and taught him how to dunk.

The Power Workshop will be done by our Director of Marketing, Nina Gupta, the last remaining Princess of the Gupta Empire, a bloodline infused with Destiny. And newcomer cool-guy Alex Kong (who was awesome as MC last week) will also help you with Communicating.

We really missed a lot of you last week so please come this Thursday, we need you like a whale needs to surface out of the ocean to breathe oxygen.

Peace, love and Sunshine

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=159638048460