Week 4 General Meeting 10/21/09

Date: Wednesday, 10/21/09
Time: 7-8:15PM
Where: Boelter 6229

Yo yo yo…

Happy Week 4, bet you’re lookin’ to score
Here at IDEAL, we get free Happy Meals

This week features a ton of new talent and is a great opportunity for our new members to show off their muscles and good looks.

As MC, we have the young and talented Alex Kong, a 1st year Grammy-Winning Pop Star recording artist from Mars. He has 4 Double-Platinum albums and is currently on tour in Southern California.

Our Leader of the Week Presentation will be by Jay Yoon. He is an international man of mystery, and is not allowed to speak about his government job. If he told you he would have to kill you.

Wendy Choi, Chinese supermodel, will be IDEAL’s 2nd-ever “DJ.” Last week, during our cool energizer by Christine and Janine, I played one song. I am pretty sure Wendy can top the standard that I set for the IDEAL DJ.

Our Power Workshop, with the theme of this week being “Appreciation,” will be done by the unnaturally talented Donald Ung, one of the co-Founders of IDEAL and the imperceptibly intelligent Wise Tsui, a man who already has his own website and business cards. This fusion of Veteran Talent and Young Creativity will be a winning combination and present to you an amazing and original Workshop about Appreciation. Do not underestimate The Donald.

So as usual, if you walk to the vending machines under the Math-Science building, enter the doors and go upstairs, you will be able to easily find MS 6229, the room most ideal to hold IDEAL meetings.

I hope to see you this Wednesday!

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=174501502323