Week 3 General Meeting 10/14/09

Date: Wednesday, 10/14/09
Time: 7-8:15PM
Where: Boelter 9226

Hello future leaders!

Welcome to Week 3. Starting to feel the heat? Actually, the weather’s starting to get a bit chilly… I have a feeling it might become the one of the two or three times a year in Southern California in which you actually need an umbrella. So be prepared. Colds aren’t fun but I know something that is…

IDEAL! This week’s theme is CREATIVITY and features an All Star Cast…
1. Brand New Fresh members Christine Truong and Janine Adelberg, 1st years who are already kickin’ ass and taking names, and were a treat to have at our Ice Skating Social and last week’s meeting… will be your Energizers to get the meeting started in a fun and surprising way. Be sure to show up on time or you’ll miss out 🙁
2. Our MC for this week is none other than our Director of Marketing on E-Board, 2nd-Year Poli-Sci Major, Activist and Pulitzer Prize Winner, Nina Gupta! We have missed her dearly the past few weeks but she is here to stay now. Cows are always safe around her.
3. The Leader of the Week will be presented by none other than my main man and future senator TONY MASTRIA, a 2nd year who won the award for Best Leader of the Week Presentation for last year at last year’s End-Of-The-Year Banquet! So he has a lot to live up to: his own past. The precedent he set for all other LOTW’s. Enough said.
4. Our Workshop this week, with the theme of Creativity, is called “An Egg-citing Place to Work.” This obvious pun alludes to the science project nature of the activity… Parus also alluded to it; I have no idea what it is but I have no doubt it will be fun. 3rd-Year and New IDEAL Member, James Mabbutt, a man who had learned how to ice skate pretty fast, a bit quicker than his roommate Donald… will be leading this workshop, along with the Veteran help of Parus Suraprasert.

Just playing with you Donald.

So don’t miss out on this week’s exciting workshop (I refuse to use the pun more than once) and awesome line up of presenters and leaders! And now, for the icing on the cake…

Vice President Luna Liu will be announcing the launch of the IDEAL Buddy System! So be sure to come and find out who your mentor/dinner buddy is! Do you want a free dinner on campus? Free guidance and advice for your first academic year at UCLA? Then be sure to show up, and find out who your Buddy is and how he or she can help YOU!

Have a nice day.

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=174501502323