Week 1 Meeting 9/30/09

Date: Wednesday, 9/30/09
Time: 7-8PM
Where: Boelter 9436

Hi! Welcome back to UCLA! Week 1 is finally beginning and our first general meeting has arrived!

Vice President Luna Liu will be Chairing the meeting!
I, Michael Masukawa, the Director of Student Affairs, shall do a Leader of the Week Presentation!

And our President, Parus Suraprasert, will be leading our first Power Workshop, “How High will you Bid?” This guy always has the most inspirational and amazing workshops so seriously, don’t miss out.

Our theme for this week is having a “Win-Win Mentality.”
Come for a fun and productive hour meeting people at the most social leadership club on campus!

Come and sign up for our ICE SKATING social this Friday! (new event coming soon).

Call me if you need help finding the room!

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=139884423405