Week 8: A Story to Tell

Welcome to Week 8! Prepare to say goodbye to our general meetings, especially our graduating members, as this Monday is our LAST session this quarter (free food will be provided)! Be sure to come and finish off the year with a fun, exciting workshop: how to become a better storyteller! Storytelling is a key but … [Read more…]

2014 Spring Retreat

Hello IDEAL’ers. Are you tired of buildings and buildings everywhere? Sick of breathing in the toxic city air? In other words, do you want to see more trees, waters, birds, anything that is nature? Well, you’re in luck. The IDEAL Leaders Association is planning an awesome 3-day beach retreat party this year. The retreat will … [Read more…]

Social Event: Board Game Night

Are you guys tired of midterms right now? Are you lacking a social life because you’re that extremely busy? Do you guys need some fun and enthusiasm to brighten your lives to move forward with a positive energy? Then join us for Board Game Night this Friday. This Friday, we will have a board game … [Read more…]

IDEAL Internship Program Winter 2014

The Executive Board of the IDEAL Leaders Association would like to invite you to apply to our internship program. The program is a unique opportunity to practice and directly apply your leadership skills to affect how our club operates over an entire quarter, as well as to participate if you choose in our annual Eboard … [Read more…]

Summer Orientation 2013

To those who received our flyers during the summer freshman orientation, welcome incoming Class of 2017.¬†However, if you’re not a freshman, but you happen to be a current UCLA student, welcome anyways. I hope you enjoy what you see on this website and this convinces you to join our organization for the upcoming school year. … [Read more…]