Week 7: Personal Delivery

We will have our last meeting for this quarter on Wednesday, November 19th! For this week’s activity, we will focus on personal delivery. When presenting a speech, conveying your personality helps the audience see that your speech is more than the sum of its words, but the collective thoughts and opinions of a person. They … [Read more…]

IDEAL Internship Program Winter 2015

The Executive Board of the IDEAL Leaders Association would like to invite you to apply to our internship program. The program is a unique opportunity to practice and directly apply your leadership skills to affect how our club operates over an entire quarter, as well as to participate if you choose in our annual Eboard … [Read more…]

Week 6: Learn to Persuade!

Have you ever found it difficult to convince someone to listen to your ideas? Did you ever feel frustrated over failing to persuade friends  (or enemies) to take your side? Or maybe you just want to convince your interviewer that you’re the perfect person for the job. Effective leaders must not only articulate their thoughts … [Read more…]

Week 5: Resume Critique Workshop

This week, IDEAL Leaders Association will be holding its Resume Critique Workshop on Wednesday, November 5, from 5:00 to 6:00 PM and will be hosted by three experienced senior club members! In addition to teaching members how to evaluate their own (and each other’s) resumes with a critical eye, the hosts will be there to … [Read more…]

Week 4: Resume Workshop

Resume is often the first document that an employer would typically look at, so it serves as your first impression in the job application process. A well-written and formatted resume can greatly impress the recruiters and improve the chances of getting the job interview. The IDEAL Leaders Association will be hosting a resume workshop this … [Read more…]

Week 3- Impromptu Speech

Are you all excited for our Week 3 activity? This week we will hone your skills for impromptu speeches! We will start off with a fun icebreaker: each one of us will contribute a word/sentence to make an interesting story together! Will there be action? Will there be romance? Or will it end up being … [Read more…]

Week 2: Presentation of Speech

Have you ever felt frustrated by delivering a speech poorly when you know you could have done it better? Are you unsure about or unaware of your hand gestures and posture while speaking? Come to our meeting to learn how to use your voice and body language effectively for a more dynamic speech! In our … [Read more…]

IDEAL Brochure 2014-2015

To all the newcomers, the IDEAL Leaders Association presents this lovely brochure to present what our organization is all about. IDEAL Brochure 2014-2015  

Summer Orientation 2014

To those who received our flyers during the summer freshman orientation, welcome incoming Class of 2018. However, if you’re not a freshman, but you happen to be a current UCLA student, welcome anyways. I hope you enjoy what you see on this website and this convinces you to join our organization for the upcoming school … [Read more…]