Week 6: Rhetoric

Dear IDEALers, An exciting night, isn’t it? As we are waiting for another historic election night speech, let’s take a pop quiz. (No more quizzes in the future, I promise you.) Q: Which one of Aristotelian appeals does the following speech employ? “This is our chance to answer that call. This is our moment. This … [Read more…]

Week 5: Audience and Food Pantry

Dear IDEALers, Halloween is coming! After all the preparation were done, what fun will you be having if nobody notices you? A great Halloween is never a one-man show, nor a successful speech is. This week’s topic is Audience, brought to you by presentation iFam! The IDEAL Leaders Association General Meeting (Week 5) Theme: Audience … [Read more…]

Week 4: Conciseness and Sports Social

Dear IDEALers,   Another busy week? Don’t have time to talk to your friends? Exactly what you need is to be CONCISE. Following organization and clarity, this week’s general meeting we’ll focus on conciseness.   The IDEAL Leaders Association General Meeting (Week 4) Theme:Conciseness Date: Thursday, October 25th Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Location: … [Read more…]

Week 3: Clarity

Dear IDEALers,   Thank you all for coming to our BBQ social! We had great fun and the food was terrific (I had four hot dogs :P). Rounds of applause to our dedicated chefs!   I know  life is getting busier, but that is why you need to take a break this Thursday with all … [Read more…]

Week 2: Organization and Welcome BBQ

Dear IDEALers, Hope you enjoyed our first general meeting! Beginning this week, we will have a series of general meetings with regular meeting time every Thursday 6:00 pm -7:00 pm at Ackerman 2412 (don’t forget to add events to your calendar:). If you have to give a one minute speech but have only 30 seconds … [Read more…]

Week 1: Fall Orientation Meeting!

Dear prospective members, Welcome to UCLA and to a new chapter of your life! Here at the IDEAL Leaders Association, we believe that critical thinking, public speaking and team work are the foundations of a great leader. This is an organization where new opportunities to improve are always on the horizon and are seized with … [Read more…]

The IDEAL Leaders Association: General Meeting 7

THE CAT’S OUT OF THE BAG! Are you ready to be enlightened? Open yourself up to a world of philosophical thought and internalized some of the deepest (and perhaps silliest) idioms to ever grace the lips of mankind. Work as a team (because we all know two heads are better than one) to build speeches … [Read more…]

The IDEAL Leaders Association: General Meeting 6

This week’s topic – EXAGGERATION! … Well, not entirely. Words are a great way to convey ideas but without gestures and movement, it’s not a very engaging method. This week, we’ll go through several exercises emphasizing body language and hand motions. Some of you will look calm. Some of you will look weird. Some of … [Read more…]

The IDEAL Leaders Association: General Meeting 5

You’ve been waiting in line for an hour when the receptionist finally calls your name. This is it. This is the big league. This is your interview for the one job you’ve always wanted. How will it end for you? Your potential employer sits comfortably behind his desk, looking at you with a cold, hard … [Read more…]

The IDEAL Leaders Association: General Meeting 3

This week marks IDEAL’s third general meeting of the quarter. To some, this may appear to just be another ordinary congregation. Unbeknownst to many, everything you’ve done has been building up to this epic moment! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll flail your arms like a maniac! Listen to harrowing tales and comedic stories! It’s your … [Read more…]