IDEAL Internship Program Winter 2015

The Executive Board of the IDEAL Leaders Association would like to invite you to apply to our internship program. The program is a unique opportunity to practice and directly apply your leadership skills to affect how our club operates over an entire quarter, as well as to participate if you choose in our annual Eboard election in the spring. To groom general members into future leaders, interns are given then the chance to shadow officers, attend and contribute to executive board meetings, and witness how the board manages IDEAL inside and out.

It is mandatory for general members interested in becoming a board member for 2015-2016 to apply and complete the quarter-long internship program. However, we invite all general members to apply regardless of whether they are interested in or intend to run for board, as long as they are invested in contributing to IDEAL’s growth and development as an organization.

The following link is an application to the IDEAL internship program:
IDEAL Internship Application

Please submit the application to by Friday, November 21st electronically or in person at our first general meeting. Also feel free to send us any questions you might have about the program!