Week 2 Meeting 10/7/09

Date: Wednesday, 10/7/09
Time: 7-8:15PM
Where: Boelter 9436

“When you’re facing a loaded gun… what’s the difference?” – Jack Nicholson

Hey everyone, welcome to week two at UCLA where you have probably gotten a bit more into a groove and where here at IDEAL we have as well.

We are going back to our original room, which has a projector (kudos to Parus last week for doing a workshop without one, memorizing the information on the slides and doing it balls out)!

So we will definitely have a fun Leader of the Week Presentation… you will finally get to see one, done by our kickass Vice President Luna Liu. And your energizer of last week, the man who remembers [most of] everyone’s names correctly, Alex Wong, shall Chair the meeting!

This week’s workshop entitled “Building Castles in the Air” will be done in a cooperative fashion, by UCLA Graduate and [usually] Japanese resident, Tracy-Chong Ying! Her partner in crime will be none other than me, Michael Masukawa. The theme of this week is “Imagination,” something very important for a writer and for all of you.

I’m sure this isn’t part of the workshop, but here are just a few examples.
1. Whenever I am in danger of getting bored, or walking alone, I have a portable jukebox in my head and I play music. Whenever you are standing in line for food, or at theme parks, it is fun to imagine wacky things to keep yourself entertained.
2. I personally believe it is important to fantasize about and dream about your future: if you imagine it as great as you can, you will make it at least part of the way there. And when you surpass your expectations for yourself, all the more better.

I want to personally thank everyone who came to the ice skating social last night! We had a blast and we shall definitely do it again! Next time we will make that first bus we missed at 7:30PM and get there a little earlier and have even more time to skate!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you at this week’s IDEAL meeting! In the new and improved room with the full meeting structure we usually have!

If you walk to the Math-Science building through that arch where the vending machines are, go into that door and up one floor and the room is nearby, down the hall. I am not sure if I have the right room number but I will update the event later.

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=174501502323