2009-2010 Orientation Session

Date: Thursday, 9/24/09
Time: 8-9PM
Where: Kerchoff State Room 135

Start off your year at UCLA with a bang- attend IDEAL’s Orientation meeting, where this year’s Executive Board (E-Board) will show you what makes IDEAL such a unique and special club here at UCLA.

We will show you how you can benefit professionally from IDEAL, and explain how your leadership skills, public speaking and overall confidence will improve. We will showcase a Leadership Workshop so you can experience firsthand what IDEAL is like. We will also explain the fun social aspect of IDEAL, and have sign-ups for ice skating!

We really hope that you can attend this fun and worthwhile event. Joining a club here at UCLA really enriches your college experience, and we hope that through this Orientation you will be familiar with IDEAL and see how it will benefit you, what makes it special, and that perhaps it is the right club for you!

Welcome to, or welcome back to, UCLA!

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=132560419772